The Girls und Panzer anime ended just last month and became a hit, but it’s not stopping there. Fans will be excited to hear that a GaruPan movie and an OVA featuring Anzio High School have been announced.

The Heartful Tank Carnival took place on Sunday in Tokyo’s Differ Ariake, where the staff announced that a brand new Girls und Panzer movie is in production and scheduled to be released next year. Just like the TV series, the movie is being directed by Tsutomu Mizushima.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Girls und Panzer, the anime is centered around girls from Oarai Girls Academy who fight in tanks as a sport and compete against other schools. The anime started airing last fall, but the last two episodes were delayed until March.

Although no other details were given on the movie, the staff also announced a new OVA featuring Anchovy. What’s that, you say? You watched the anime and don’t know anyone named Anchovy?


Anchovy is the commander of Anzio High School’s tank team, whom Oarai Girls Academy fights in episode 7. However, the TV series skipped their match, and Anchovy had about seven seconds of face time. To add insult to injury, guess who is missing on the cover of GaruPan’s fifth Blu-ray disc?


Now, the match against Anzio will finally be animated, so fans who have sympathized with Anchovy can rejoice, such as the one who drew this comic:


“Did I do something wrong? I worked so hard to fight against Oarai and it was all cut out… Can I go home? I want to cook pasta, chobi…” 

Furthermore, a fan DVD with footage of the Heartful Tank Carnival will be released in September. The event didn’t feature a real-life tank like last month’s Girls und Panzer Kairaku Festa, but the main cast members and Choucho made an appearance, so fans should look forward to that, as well.


Source: Garupan’s Official Twitter


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