Rumors have spread for a while, but fans of Infinite Stratos will be happy to hear that a second season of the sci-fi romantic comedy has been officially announced.

IS <Infinite Stratos> is set in the future, when women are trained to pilot mechs called Infinite Stratos (IS). A boy named Ichika Orimura becomes the first male in history to be capable of piloting an IS, and is forced to enter Infinite Stratos Academy, a high school filled with girls from all over the world training to use IS.

Along with the announcement of the second season, the studio 8-bit also revealed this short promo video.

Fans of the series will have noticed two new characters, Tatenashi and Kanzaki Sarashiki. The other characters will be played by the same cast members as the previous season.

  • Ichika Orimura: Kouki Uchiyama (Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • Houki Shinonono: Youko Hikasa (Mio from K-ON!)
  • Cecilia Alcott: Yukana (Shirahoshi from One Piece)
  • Huang Lingyin: Asami Shimoda (Ami and Mami from The Idolm@ster)
  • Charlotte Dunois: Kana Hanazawa (Kuroneko from OreImo)
  • Laura Bodewig: Marina Inoue (Yozora from Haganai)

The staff is almost the same as in the first season. This time, the character designer has changed, and CHOCO will contribute to mecha designs.

  • Original Creator: Izuru Yumizuru
  • Director: Yasuhito Kikuchi
  • Character Design: Kumi Horii (Seitokai no Ichizon)
  • Mechanical Design: Takeshi Takakura, CHOCO (Busou Shinki)
  • Music Composition: Hikaru Nanase
  • Studio: 8-Bit

The date for the second season is yet to be announced. On a related note, a complete Blu-ray box set of the first season will be released on August 28.


For fans of the first season, the box set will feature:

  • All 12 episodes
  • The OVA “IS <Infinite Stratos> Encore: Koi ni Kogareru Sextet”
  • Footage from the One-Off Festival from August 2011
  • Over five hours of bonus footage
  • An exclusive novel by the original author Izuru Yumizuru
  • A 300-page document booklet
  • A pamphlet and photo collection of the One-Off Festival

Finally, the light novel series will be published by Overlap starting on April 25, after the first seven volumes were released by Media Factory from 2009 to 2011. Overlap has also released this commercial to promote the reboot of the series. The world of Infinite Stratos is growing, so fans of the series can rejoice.

Source: IS homepage, Amazon


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