Dragon Nest SEA will be introducing a new spiritual fighter into its current 5-class line-up (Warrior, Cleric, Sorceress, Archer & Academic). Players will be able to experience new skills and further unravel the lore of Dragon Nest SEA with Kali!


Born under the Prophet’s Shadow Star, Kali’s destiny had been foretold by the Great Sage Arno when he visited the elusive Hermit’s Village many years ago. Back then, the Great Sage Arno told the villagers of Hermit’s Village that a special baby would be born into the village. The fate of this child would be to aid and guide the Prophet of Lagendia after the village is blazed to the ground. Great Sage Arno then passed on the battle skills and knowledge of the Ancients to the villagers of Hermit’s Village so they could be entrusted to the child in turn.

Years passed, and true enough, a baby girl was born just as Great Sage Arno predicted. Following Arno’s instructions, the villagers named the child Kali, which meant the “Watcher”. Kali’s life journey as the Prophet’s Shadow Star was meant to be a tough one, with her mother’s death following her birth. An androgynous stranger named Gaharam in the village adopted the infant Kali and taught her the battle skills she would require in future.


Kali deals damage to her opponents using twin fans which complement her graceful combat style. Her mesmerizing dance-like moves can prove fatal to her enemies as her twin fans unleash a devastating force to knock down enemies. Harnessing her supernatural prowess, Kali can also summon the power of spirits to aid her in combat or provide support for her allies.


As Kali levels to 15, players can choose to progress her into a Screamer with powerful long-ranged dark spiritual magical attacks, or a Dancer who unleashes short ranged havoc in battle with her chakram and spiritual attack combo. Come level 45, players can further fine-tune her specialties to create a formidable character in battle. A Screamer can progress into a Soul Eater who places nasty curses and debuffs on enemies to strengthen her own attacks, or a Dark Summoner who can heal herself with every attack delivered. For players who chose the Dancer route in level 15, they can now progress to Spirit Dancer who specializes in
devastating AOE (Area of Effect) attacks with the help of various dead spirits, or the Blade Dancer who deals powerful short-ranged combo attacks on the battlefield.



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