KAT-TUN, through the official Johnny’s and J-STORM websites, has released information about their upcoming single titled FACE to Face. FACE to Face will be released on May 15, 3 months after Expose, their 20th single. Their previous single maintained KAT-TUN’s unbroken streak of consecutive number one singles, a record that is shared by fellow Johnnys’ Kinki Kids.

FACE to Face contains the titular song FACE to Face which is the theme song to the movie, Ore Ore, that features Kamenashi Kazuya in a leading role. Besides FACE to Face, the single contains DRAMATIC which is the theme song for NTV’s Dramatic Game 1844 where Kamenashi Kazuya is a recurring guest on it. The last named song in the single, FLASH is a solo by Junnosuke Taguchi. This continues a trend where KAT-TUN singles feature a solo by one of the members.

The PV to FLASH will be included in the first print of the regular edition. There will be three versions of the single, the limited edition first print which will include the PV to FACE to Face and two untitled songs. The first print of the regular print includes a special video. The regular edition is the only edition that includes DRAMATIC and two other untitled songs.

Credits: J-STORM



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