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You know the saying “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours?”

Replace the word “back” with “itch” and that’s basically the gist of what Scarlett Missions – optional challenges in Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture’s sexy va-va-voom action game Killer is Dead (PS3, X360) – entail.

Hidden throughout the game’s many stages is Scarlett, an inappropriately-dressed nurse who’s waiting for Killer is Dead’s hero, Mondo Zappa to find her, so she may issue Mondo a challenge.

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These challenges may be anything from to defeat the enemy under a certain time limit, defeat them only with a certain skill, or raise your combo count to a certain number – activities that for some reason, Scarlett finds to be awfully arousing. She just wants for a man to excite her, according to Famitsu.

Clearing these Scarlett Missions will result in a reward for Mondo: now that you’ve sufficiently… stimulated her senses, it’s time for her to return the favour. You’ll find out what that favour is in the following trailer – the third PV for the game – before the screen fades to black at the most crucial point.

Apart from the above detail on what Scarlett Missions are, today Kadokawa Games has also revealed which voice actresses will play the part of the Mondo Girls – think Bond Girls from the James Bond movies – one of whom is the naughty nurse Scarlett.

Manami Numakura (The [email protected]‘s Hibiki Ganaha) is the voice behind Scarlett – code-named “The Sexy Monster” – in Killer is Dead.

scarlettmanami numakura

Numakura is joined by Mai Nakahara, who voices Koharu the “Golden Geisha”, and Kanako Tojo, the voice of Natalia (AKA “The Pheromone”).

koharunai nakahara

nataliakanako tojo

Killer is Dead for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 home consoles is slated to be released August 27 in the US. Dates for the rest of the world are still pending.

Source: Famitsu


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