tamako market group image song

Before that big announcement by Kyoto Animation happening on Friday, here’s a little something for your enjoyment.

You’ve seen the cuteness of the female characters in Tamako Market, but have you heard them all sing together? If you haven’t, go ahead and watch the PV of the group character song entitled Kitto Ne, Zutto Ne, Yoroshiku Ne streamed by KyoAni via their official YouTube channel.

This group image song was performed by voice actresses Aya Suzaki (as Tamako Kitashirakawa), Rina Hidaka (as Anko Kitashirakawa), Yuki Kaneko (as Midori Tokiwa), Juri Nagatsuma (as Kanna Makino), Yurie Yamashita (as Shiori Asagiri) and Yuri Yamaoka (as Choi Mochimazzui).

Kōichi Fujimoto (the one who wrote the lyrics for the OP song Dramatic Market Ride) is the composer, arranger and lyricist behind this cheerful song.

This song is the last track included on the “Tamako Market Character Song Album twinkle ride CD”.

tamako market twinkle ride CD

The PV for Kitto Ne, Zutto Ne, Yoroshiku Ne won’t be up forever. It will only be available online until the end of April. So if I were you, start watching the video now and enjoy it while it’s up. Or purchase the character song album which was already launched last February. You can get the CD for 2200 JPY (27.66 SGD).


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