Actress Maeda Atsuko has been chosen to play the narrator for Pokemon short film “Pikachu and Eevee ☆ Friends”. This short film will show in theaters alongside “Pokemon the Movie: Best Wish Final Chapter ‘Shinsoku No Genesect / Mewtwo No Kakusei’ “, which will be shown on July 13 in Japan.

An enthusiastic Maeda comments, “I was surprised! I watched Pokemon since I was a little kid so I thought that it’s just unbelievable that my own voice will be in that world. I’m extremely happy! I want to do it in such a way that kids will say, ‘Ahh Pokemon are really cute’ and make them feel the fun and enjoyment of being in the Pokemon world.”

In the film “Shinsoku No Genesect / Mewtwo No Kakusei”, a newly revived Mewtwo will face against Genesect. Actress Takashima Reiko will play the role of Mewtwo. Voice actor Yamadera Koichi from the first movie will play the red Genesect. He has been present in all 16 Pokemon works. For her 7th appearance, the movie will also have Nakagawa Shoko as Nympha. Also cast is comedian duo Heisei Nobushi Kobushi.

This is the official website for the short film Maeda will be narrating in; this one for “Shinsoku No Genesect / Mewtwo No Kakusei“.

source: Pokemon Movie Official Website, Oricon




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