In addition to previous menu items reported at the Miku Café , more details and menu items have been revealed.

The café itself will still run until June 16th, but now has a greater variety of items and, in collaboration with the museum, a greater amount for visitors to do. A sculpture of Miku by ixima will now great visitors at the location, and stands at a 1:1 scale [158 centimeters tall]. In the art exhibit, visitors will also have a chance to demo Sony’s Portable Project by viewing movies through  the “Vocaloid Cinema Party” function. This is an application that will run on the 16 tablets provided by Sony for the event, and will include it’s own special menu function.


The menu has also been expanded from the 39 (Miku) Curry and levan Polkka cocktail to include a StargazeR and Neko Mimi Switch cocktails, as well as a variety of other Miku themed food.


This includes a Miku Fried Rice which has been colored green to match the diva’s hair.


A Milk (Miku) Tea Set for afternoon tea time.


The Romeo and Cinderella Alluring Caramel Pie features the polkadotted design of Miku’s iconic camisole from the video as the top crust.


Prices for the dishes will range from 700 yen for cocktails to 1,000 yen for curry.

Source: AnimeAnime


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