Mizuki Nana will be a guest on Shin Domoto Kyoudai, a music variety show hosted by KinKi Kids. Her appearance on the show was confirmed by the blog entries of the variety show’s producer. The episode will air on April 28th at 11.15 p.m. Japan Standard Time. She will be a guest on the show together with Sada Masashi.

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This is her second guest appearance on the show. During a talk session in her previous guest appearance, it was mentioned that she was classmates with one of the hosts during high school. This time round, she will be performing a duet with Sada Masashi singing the song Cosmos (秋桜).

Shin Domoto Kyoudai is a weekly music variety show aired on Fuji TV. It debuted in October 2004. The show is hosted by the KinKi Kids together with other guest hosts.

KinKi Kids is a duo consisting of Domoto Koichi and Domoto Tsuyoshi who are under the talent agency Johnny & Associates. The name of their group is derived from the fact that both members are from the Kinki region in Japan. The 2 members are not related to each other even though they share the same family name.

Source : Seiyu FanOtogumi


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