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You have probably heard Yui Ogura, the adorable voice behind Kokona from Yama no Susume. Along with her role in the upcoming anime HenNeko, she has a new single coming out, which you can preview here.

Ogura’s second single, Baby Sweet Baby Love, will be released on May 8. Although it is only Ogura’s second solo single, she has recorded several singles as part of YuiKaori, her duo with Kaori Ishihara, and the seiyuu unit StylipS. You can see a video of her newest musical work below.

The full music video will be included in a DVD with the limited edition of Ogura’s single. Also, the song Baby Sweet Berry Love will be the ending theme of the anime Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, in which Ogura will also play the heroine, so remember to watch the anime to show your support.


Source: Yui Ogura’s official website


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