April Fool’s Day is always a hot day for news releases, and this year is no exception. You can check out some of today’s amazing announcements right here! (Although they’re all lies)

Neptune Hyperdimension Game Machine

The Hyperdimension Neptunia series has gathered a lot of hype lately, but Compile Heart has delivered yet another bombshell with a brand new game console, the “Neptune Hyperdimension Game Machine”. Modeled after the spunky heroine of the series, the Neptune is the most powerful gaming system to ever exist.


The system uses a unique operating system with its own AI that adapts itself to your preferences. It has a total of 128 terabytes of memory and 32 terabytes of storage. In case that doesn’t sell you on the system, it also includes four PRD (Purple-Ray Disc) drives.

With a game console of these specs coming this July, you can just forget about the PS4.

Seiyuu Kaori Fukuhara Marries Emiri Kato

Kaori Fukuhara, the seiyuu who played Tsukasa in Lucky Star, announced on Twitter today that she has married Emiri Kato, who played Kagami in Lucky Star and Kyuubey in Madoka Magica. As you can tell from their photo together, they make a beautiful couple.


Be sure to support these two brides in their future jobs.

Shizuoka Prefecture is Now Silent Hill Prefecture

Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture has officially announced that they have changed their name to Silent Hill prefecture. As you can see from this screenshot, the tagline of the prefecture’s homepage is no longer “the land of Fuji”, but “the sealed town”.


Furthermore, Shizuoka’s tea plantations are now brewing official “Silent Hill tea”, their image character has changed from Mt. Fuji to Red Pyramid (Pyramid Head), and the lead nurse at every hospital is a Bubble Head Nurse — at least, that’s what they’re called.

And why not? After all, the movie Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is opening in Japanese theatres on July 12, and with all of that hype, now is the perfect time for Shizuoka prefecture to change their name. Oh, and the name “Shizuoka” (静岡) literally means “silent hill”.

Makai Wars Scheduled for Summer Release

Nippon Ichi Software fans, do you remember Makai Wars, the game that was teased in 2004 and never released? Well, now is the time to rejoice, because it will finally be released this summer.


In this banner displayed on their official website, you can see that the official title is partially censored, and there is a suspicious silhouette. Who is this mysterious character? And why does that figure look so familiar? We’ll have to wait until Friday, when NIS announces more details.

(What’s that, you say? This might not be an April Fool’s joke and the game may actually be real? Don’t be silly.)

Spring Anime Lineup

Finally, get out your anime calendars, everyone. It’s time to make a bunch of revisions to this spring’s lineup.


As it turns out, A-1 Pictures is returning to the [email protected] franchise to animate The [email protected] Cinderella Girls. This will be exciting to see, considering there are over 100 characters in the social game.

But that’s not the only hit coming this spring. Anime fans can also look forward to ufotable’s adaptation of Type-Moon’s adult game Tsukihime, as well as Nareru! SE, the anime about a loli systems engineer. Of course, we can’t forget the long-awaited anime adaptation of Square Enix’s 1997 game Final Fantasy Tactics. With heavy hitters like these, who needs the next season of Railgun or OreImo?

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