Sword Art Online fans, do you wish some of the female characters had more screen time? Well, your prayers have been answered with a new spin-off manga.

The latest issue of Dengeki Bunko has announced the manga series “Sword Art Online: Girls Opus”. As the name implies, it is based on the popular light novel series Sword Art Online, but this time, Kirito and Asuna are no longer the stars, and the spotlight is on Silica, the cute beast tamer, Lisbeth, the tomboyish blacksmith, and Leafa, the magic-using fairy.

The original light novel series written by Reki Kawahara was adapted into an anime last year, and as anyone who watched it knows, Asuna was the main heroine throughout the whole series, whereas Lisbeth and Silica received hardly any screen time. Clearly, the two supporting characters were not happy about this.


The manga will be drawn by Neko Nekobyou and begin serialization in the issue of Dengeki Bunko coming on June 10. The story will take place after the Aincrad arc, when the girls go to school and play ALO together.

In addition to the girls’ own manga, Sword Art Online: Progressive, the novels telling Kirito’s adventures in the first two floors of Aincrad, will also be adapted into a manga, which will be drawn by Kiseki Himura and serialized in G’s Magazine starting on June 30.

In addition to the two upcoming manga, the Sword Art Online franchise already has thirteen novels, three manga series, one anime series, and the PSP game that was released last month. It doesn’t look like SAO will stop growing any time soon.

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