The Japanese like their video games and fashion, and Sega has combined them into one with Segakawaii.

Sega has created the new brand Segakawaii to make merchandise aimed at woman based on Sega’s licenses. For their first product lineup, they are working with the popular apparel brand “galaxxxy” to produce this snazzy backpack based on Sega’s swan song.


Just in case you don’t recognize it, this backpack’s design is based on the controller for the Sega Dreamcast, the game console Sega created in 1998. Many of you probably have fond memories of the controller and its miniature screen, even though the way the wire stuck out between your legs may have been annoying. The backpack is scheduled to come in three different colors and cost 13,860 yen.

Along with the backpack, Segakawaii’s first lineup will include a short T-shirt with a nice, simple drawing of the Dreamcast, as well as a tank top themed on the Mega Drive (aka Sega Genesis) with the words “16-bit”, for those who want to go even more retro.


The T-shirt and tank top will each cost 4,725 yen. All three products will be released on April 25. In honor of Segakawaii’s debut, galaxxxy’s Shibuya store will hold a Segakawaii exhibit from April 25 to May 6.

Of course, there are plans for more Segakawaii items in the future. Are there any Sega-themed merchandise you want to see?

Source: Dengeki


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