Square Enix’s new browser based game The Thousand Year Hero ~ Guides Through Time~ (Sennen Yuusha ~Tokiwatari no Tomoshibito~ [千年勇者~時渡りのトモシビト~]) has entered its beta phase as of April 26, 2013.


As part of Yahoo’s Game service, Square Enix will begin the beta phase of Thousand Year Hero ~Guides Through Time~ and will allow 200 people to test the game. Hiroki Yokoyama of Nier fame will produce it, with Ryoma Ito [Final Fantasy Tactics Advance] heading character design.


In the game, players will face the Devil King of Darkness who has control of the world. Players will be able to embark on missions of their choosing, taking on the role of temporary village leader in their own town. They will be able to enter dungeons nearby with other players and find the way to seal the Devil King away. The hero will take on this role, as the land has fallen to evil and is being threatened with calamity.

The game will feature the same job system as past Square Enix games, allowing players to choose how they will play. The town that the player will be in charge of can be supported by other players if they choose and supports customization. Outside of this, there will also be some story elements that will take place in it.


Source: Dengenki


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