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Voice actress Tomatsu Haruka will be guest starring in the 11th episode of Jyuden Sentai Kyouryujya. She will be acting the role of an idol named after herself.

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She is an existing cast member of the series as she voices the role of Canderrilla, a general in the Deboss Army, an organization intending to invade earth.

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Teasers for the upcoming episode reveals that her character will be on stage performing to a live crowd.

Tomatsu Haruka is a member of Sphere. Notable voice acting roles by her include Asuna Yuki from Sword Art Online, Morgiana from Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic, Lala Satalin Deviluke from To Love-Ru and Ichika Takatsuki from Ano Natsu de Matteru.

Jyuden Sentai Kyouryujya is the 37th Super Sentai Series. It is the third series to use the dinosaur motif.

Episode 11 of Jyuden Sentai Kyouryujya will air on the 28th of April 2013.

Source : Yaraon!


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