Coming next month, between the spring and summer anime lineup, is Tenshi no Drop, a peculiar anime that describes itself as a “school yuri comedy that appeals to fetishes”.

The anime Tenshi no Drop is based on a web comic of the same name created by Chizuna Nakajima. The story begins with two girls named Botan and Shinobu who enter St. Asmaria Girls Academy. There, an angel named Un gives her halo to Botan, which she gladly eats(!). After consuming the halo, Botan realizes she has the power to give birth to “Angel Eggs”. That is when Un tells her that if she gives birth to 10,000 Angel Eggs, her wish will be granted!

Watch the short promo below to get a peek of Botan and her friends giving birth to Angel Eggs (no, you don’t need to be 18 years or older to watch).

The cast was also recently revealed, which includes:

  • Botan: Rei Matsuzaki (Kanon from Jewelpet Sunshine)
  • Shinobu: Mai Gotou (Mizuki from ef – a tale of memories)
  • Un: Hiromi Igarashi (Hina from Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!)
  • Hibachi: Yuiko Tatsumi (Mio from Little Busters)
  • Momoko: Sachika Misawa (Kuroyukihime from Accel World)

Fans of lolis and mild yuri should  keep an eye on Tenshi no Drop when it airs on May 12.

Source: Tenshi no Drop homepage


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