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The PSP game adaptation of the comedy Seitokai no Ichizon will let you experience the life of a student council member — except it’s sillier than in real life.

Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 Portable is a visual novel that puts you in the shoes of Ken Sugisaki, the single boy in a student council filled with cute girls. As you progress through meetings, you discuss and vote on issues, just like in a real student council. Depending on the choices you make, you obtain cards that you can combine together to create delusions of the girls, which you may or may not do in a real student council.

Watch this two-minute trailer to get a glimpse of the serious, diligent undergoings of the Hekiyou Academy student council.

The game will be released on June 20 for 6,300 yen, but hardcore fans willing to pay 8,400 yen can get special items inluded in the limited edition package.

The first item is a soft, flexible, and indestructible(?) “safeguarding student council” pouch, perfect for storing your PSP or mobile device. As you can see, there is also an illustration on each side of the pouch, drawn by the character designer Kira Inugami.



The second item is the “entangled student council” harem strap set — and before you get any weird ideas, these are cell phone straps. In addition to the student council girls, there’s Ken, Lilicia, Magiru, and Nakameguro. You can attach them to your phone and pair them however you like.


The last bonus item is the “student council chatting on the phone” drama CD. In this completely original audio drama, the Hekiyou Academy student council talks about this, that, and other stuff.


In addition, people who buy either the normal or limited edition early will get a download code for a custom PSP theme featuring the members of the student council.

Fans of the Seitokai no Ichizon anime or light novel series, or any fans of comedies filled with cute girls, should keep an eye on this game. People who are looking for a serious, realistic student council experience should, well, look somewhere else.

Source: Kadokawa Anime YouTube Channel, Dengeki


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