Nendroid fans seeking little companions should check out the newly released Madoka nendroid, as well as two more nendroids recently announced by the manufacturer Good Smile Company.

Ultimate Madoka

From the hit anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica comes the nendroid version of Madoka’s goddess form, Ultimate Madoka. This nendroid was released recently on April 23 and is available for 3,500 yen.

This figure is small and cute, yet filled with divine power and magnificence. Just look at her long hair, translucent wings, three-layered dress, and the stars reflected under her skirt.


Madoka also has her signature bow and arrow, so she can rid the world of evil.


Madoka’s wish is to protect everyone in the world. With this benevolent goddess in your own bedroom, you can sleep soundly at night.


Akane Tsunemori

From the futuristic crime anime Psycho-Pass, Akane has come to protect a society where computers can measure people’s personalities. This nendroid will be available for pre-order on April 25, and the release date will be posted on Good Smile Company’s website.

This nendroid captures Akane’s professional demeanor with her business suit while keeping her optimistic attitude and adding some cuteness to her.


Akane also has her Dominator, the computerized gun she uses to fight criminals. The Dominator comes in the Paralyzer Mode…


… as well as the Lethal Eliminator Mode!


As a bonus, Akane also comes with the chimi character expression illustrated by Yu-pon.


Put both Akane and Madoka in your bedroom, and you will have double the protection.



Last but not least, everyone’s favorite pink and white bear, Monomi, has jumped out of the PSP mystery adventure game Super Danganronpa 2. You can pre-order her right now for 3,000 yen, and she will be released in August.


The instructor from Jabberwock Island will cheer you on when you’re feeling down. As Monomi herself says, “If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s you guys, so you’ll win!”.

The previous two nendroids had weapons, so of course, Monomi has one too. Monomi’s tool of destruction is — wait for it — a wooden stick!


With her wooden stick, Monomi is ready to brawl (music notes sold separately).

Monomi is cute by herself, but pair her up with Monokuma (also sold separately from Good Smile Company), and you have a recipe for mayhem.




As you should already know, Monokuma will be starring in the Danganronpa anime airing this summer. However, Monomi probably won’t make an appearance, because the anime is based on the first Danganronpa game, and Monomi is from the sequel.

Take that, Monomi.


Source: Good Smile Company


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