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There’s still no concrete airing date for the second season of popular harem-slash-mecha anime Infinite Stratos yet.

Nevertheless, the anime’s producers over at studio 8-bit have decided to throw the fans a little bone this week in the form of a slightly longer video preview of the show that’s being bundled on DVD, alongside the release of the original light novel series’ eighth volume today.

The full preview is about a minute longer than a previous 24-second-long teaser trailer streamed on the Web.

We’ve also embedded the shorter clip here in this story as well, for those of you who might want to go back and forth to see if anything else is changed:

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where supposedly only women can  operate extremely powerful yet mobile exoskeleton suits, Infinite Stratos tells the story of 15-year-old Ichika Orimura, a boy who can somehow pilot these cutting-edge suits as well (pick up the upcoming Blu-ray release if you’d like to find out why; Orimura’s ability to operate these suits is explained in a very tongue-in-cheek manner at some point in the first season).

And so off he goes to an all-female military boarding school, where Orimura quickly finds himself in a harem-like situation. Partly due to the fact that he’s the only guy there, and partly due to the effect Infinite Stratos – that’s what they call the exoskeleton suits – has had on gender roles in society: females now dominate society over men.

For more details on Infinite Stratos 2 the anime, hit the jump over to our previous story over here.

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