7th Dragon 2020-II is the sequel to the game released in 2011 that has you create a team to hunt the dragons that threaten humanity’s survival. It was notable for Hatsune Miku singing the OP and appearing in the game, and for the vast array of voice actors that you could choose for creating each character in your team; it had a total of 30 different voices to choose from, 15 for male characters and 15 for female characters.


So what is actually new about 7th Dragon 2020-II? First off, they’ve expanded on that the already-impressive seiyuu cast to a total of 40 different voices, and many of the names they’ve added are very notable voice actors and actresses too.


Abe Atsushi Ono Daisuke Sakurai Takahiro Nakamura Yuuichi Itoue Kanae Sawashiro Miyuki Tange Sakura Hikasa Youko
Ishida Akira Kaji Yuuki Shimono Hiro Hirata Hiroaki Katou Emiri Taketatsu Ayana Chihara Minori Horie Yui
Egawa Hisao Kamiya Hiroshi Sugita Tomokazu Fukuyama Jun Kuwashima Houko Tanaka Atsuko Toyoguchi Megumi Mizuki Nana
Ootsuka Akio Kimura Ryouhei Takeuchi Ryouta Miki Shinichirou Saitou Chiwa Tanaka Rie Toyosaki Aki Yuuki Aoi
Okamoto Nobuhiko Kuroda Takaya Nakai Kazuya Miyano Mamoru Satou Rina Tamura Yukari Hanazawa Kana Yukana


Secondly, there’s a new character class you can choose when making a character: the Idol. Idols have S rank charisma, use megaphones and speakers in battle, and can use ‘orders’ to buff and control your party.

Other than choosing your character’s class, you can also choose the model used for the character. And 7th Dragon 2020-II has two new additions for this. The first one is that there is a new, non-human model available called Lucier. They are a race that sacrificed themselves to stop the first Dragon invasion 12000 years ago in Atlantis, and are revived in Tokyo in 2021.

The other new addition for character creation is that you can now choose from 3 different colour variations of the models for your characters, giving you more choices, and making it easier to visually recognise the characters in your party, especially when they all have the same model, as this video shows.

The last couple of items that are new about 7th Dragon 2020-II both involve Hatsune Miku. Firstly, she will be appearing in the game as the NPC “Hatsune Miku TYPE 2021”.7d2020ii_037d2020ii_04The other piece of news is that when you meet certain conditions in the game, you will unlock the option to change the BGM mode to “DIVA Mode”, a version where Miku sings the BGM.


7th Dragon 2020-II is scheduled to release on 18th April for the PSP, and has a price of 6279yen for the UMD version, and 5600yen for the download version.


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