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J-pop fans should be familiar with YUI, the star who went on hiatus last year. Now, she’s back in the music business, and she has friends.

YUI is now the lead vocalist of the four-man band Flower Flower, who have held secret performances across the country during the last month. The band will make their formal debut at Japan Jam 2013 in Shinkiba’s Studio Coast on May 4, followed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival 2013 in Shinkiba Park on May 26.

As you can tell from this picture, YUI has also cut her hair short and dyed it blonde.


As for Flower Flower, she formed the band with artists that she respects. As she says, “I thought I could feel pure enjoyment if I listened to these members. I can also grow naturally, since with each idea and performance, I get another insight or possible song.”

About the name of the band, she says, “I wanted a name that sounds natural and not arrogant. I had a desire to freely express something powerful and interesting.”

YUI has been performing for nine years, and many of her singles have ranked number one on Oricon’s charts. Anime fans may recognize her for her songs “Rolling Star” and “Life” from Bleach and “Again” from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. When YUI announced her hiatus near the end of last year, she posted a hand-written message on her website saying, “I am searching for a new challenge. For that reason, I am taking a break.”

If you’re excited to see YUI making a comeback, you can follow her band’s official website. Although it’s currently empty, it will be more active after their debut performance, so be sure to show your support in the future.

Source: Natalie, Mantan-Web


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