Attack on Novel

The anime Attack on Titan has become a huge hit thanks to its thrilling story, but fans who want even more will be able to play two visual novels from the makers of Steins;Gate.

Production I.G. has announced that they are working with Nitro+, the game developer responsible for Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, to make two visual novels of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). These visual novels will be included with limited editions of the third and sixth Blu-ray Discs and be playable on any Blu-ray player.

The visual novels feature side stories centered around the titan hunters Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Annie, Erwin, and Levi. The original creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, is supervising the production, while the character designs will be done by Nitro+’s Namaniku ATK, and the scenarios will be written by Gan Saaku, Jin Haganeya, and the scriptwriter of the anime, Hiroshi Seko.

Production I.G. has also revealed the names of the chapters from the visual novels. The first visual novel will be released with Blu-ray Disc volume 3 on September 18 and include these two chapters:

  1. Lost in the cruel world (Mikasa side story, scenario by Hiroshi Seko)
  2. A Choice Without Regrets: Preview (Kuinaki Sentaku [Yokoku]) (Levi and Erwin’s backstory, scenario by Gan Saaku)

The second visual novel is scheduled to be released with volume 6 on December 18 and will include these three chapters:

  1. A Choice Without Regrets (Levi and Erwin’s backstory, scenario by Gan Saaku)
  2. Untitled (Eren and Levi’s side story, scenario by Jin Haganeya)
  3. Wall Sina, Goodbye (Annie’s side story, scenario by Hiroshi Seko)


Coming sooner, the first Attack on Titan Blu-ray Disc will come with a prototype manga from Isayama. In addition, a social game based on the series was released for Japanese cell phones last month and a live action movie adaptation is in the works. Of course, there’s also the anime series airing right now.

Source: Moe Otanews


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