With so many great kit releases from Bandai over at Shizuka Hobby Show this year, gunpla enthusiasts can’t help but feel excited for the next couple of months. 

Bandai has deviously revealed a portion of their upcoming kit releases mere days before the Shizuoka Hobby Show, and they have certainly lived up to the expectations of many fans, not to mention attracting more gunpla newbies looking to build a great looking kit.

Master Grade RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0


No doubt the titular Mobile Suit from the original 0079 series has already received many Master Grade versions, this latest one incorporates many fantastic gimmicks from the Perfect Grade, Real Grade and all its previous Master Grades. At first glance, the inner frame seems to follow very similarly to the Real Grade, especially the thighs, elbow and knee joints. However, we found certain elements of Perfect Grade detailing on its chest area and shoulder armor inner frame, as well as similar shoulder details from its ver. One Year War.


A good blend of 2.0 and ver. One Year War designs can be seen in ver. 3.0. Of course, the panel lining, detailing and decal designs were taken from the Real Grade. The display kit seems totally unpainted, only touched up by some panel lining and supplied transparent. The stickers were barely noticeable from a distance, but became apparent through close-ups.


Real Grade 1/144 GP01, GP01-FB


Finally, we get to see the actual GP01 kits. Perhaps most of the prototype kits displayed at the booth were unpainted but sanded, have its panel lines filled and all stickers applied – yet the kits already look fantastic! GP01Fb especially, with its inner frame peeking out of its main thrusters. However, I hope stability issues with its inner frame can be rectified with this version, as we have encountered with the RG Zeta Gundam. I’m very sure I do not want the core fighter snapping out from its lower frame when I hold the kit from its chest.

The transparent sticker decals look tame compared to the previous Real Grades, but I hope this is due to the fact that they have more than a month left to sort things out – and give better looking decals. Much appreciated is the ‘V’ insignia detail on its chest, which is molded separately. The Master Grade version requires one to paint the insignia.

Master Grade 1/100 AMS-119 Geara Doga


This Master Grade variant of the Geara Doga had an impressive frame, much like the Master Grade Marasai that was released last year. The inclusion of the LED monoeye adds value to the kit. Even better, the kit has parts for you to convert it to Rezin Schnyder custom. Of course, you would need to paint the parts blue.

HGCE 1/144 Astray variants


As the Astray Blue frame 2L and the Astray Red Frame Flight Unit  has already been announced prior to the hobby show, completing the collection would be the Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina. Unfortunately for many people who wished the Gold Frame to be gold plated like its 1/100 counterpart, the prototype shown had none of these. Instead, it has something that resembles HGUC 1/144 Banshee Norn’s gold, which is pretty decent on its own.

The Blue, Red and Gold Frames will be on sale 25 May, August and September this year respectively.

Additionally, parts for the HGCE 1/144 Caletvwlch (we are not sure how to pronounce that either) for the Red Frame were displayed as well. It will be released as a bonus for Hobby Japan magazine’s October 2013 issue, which is due end August 2013.


Which kit announcements do you anticipate the most from the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2013 so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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