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We have seen illustrations of the four characters from Blood Lad, we already know that it’s about a male otaku vampire’s encounter with a human girl and the list of staff members has been announced. Heck, even the info on theme songs and their respective performers is already out.

But until now, no new info about the cast has been revealed for the upcoming TV anime.

So while we wait for further details on the anime adaptation, here are six backgrounds which will give you an idea of what Blood Lad’s settings are like.

blood lad location1


blood lad location2


blood lad location3


blood lad location4


blood lad location6

My personal favorite, Blood Lad’s Uniqlo parody – Oniqlo:

blood lad location5

Aside from revealing the locations, additional characters were introduced:

Vlad D. Braz:

vlad d braz



You can read up our previous post on Blood Lad for more info.

Blood Lad is part of the 2013 summer anime lineup and will start airing in Japan this July.

Source: moca news via @Ikari_Gendo


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