As the release date for the Puzzle & Dragons x Eva event is just a few weeks away, more images for special events and characters have been released. As we previously reported here, the popular mobile game Puzzles and Dragons will be collaborating with Neon Genesis Evangelion in celebration of the BluRay release of the new movie. Clearer images, new characters, and a previously unmentioned event have also been released.

It’s now been revealed that Shinji in his plugsuit with Eva Unit 1, and in his school uniform alongside Berserk Eva Unit 01. Eva Unit 1 will be a level 4 water, while Berserk Eva 01 will be level 5.



Rei and Eva Unit 00 will also be making an appearance. Eva Unit 00’s design will be from the original series rather than from the series rebuild, and also feature it’s token laser gun. They will be a level 4 light elemental. eva00 Similarly, Asuka and Eva Unit 02 will be in their original series designs, with Asuka in her original plugsuit. They will be a level 4 fire element. Mari, although appearing for the first time in Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone, also will be featured in what is considered her classic plugsuit design alongside Eva Unit 05. With her green coloration, it makes sense that she is a 4 star earth element.


Two angels are also making an appearance. The 4th Angel will be a level 3 shadow element, while the 6th angel will be a level 3 light element.


The Rare Egg Dragon for pal eggs will also be getting a make over and showing off it’s own Evangelion spirit as Eva Unit 01.


Until the event is released, we cannot guarantee that it will work on phone’s outside of Japan, but hopefully users worldwide will get to experience it starting May 27.

Source: Dengenki News


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