Hatsune Miku fans by now should know about the Hatsune Miku’s opera “The End”, which will be set to show in Shibuya, Tokyo, on May 23.


While the opera is titled “The End”, it does not signifies the end of Miku’s (or Vocaloids’) popularity or existence. Using both pre-modern and modern art-form, the show is an expression of the long-asked question of what is “death” and “the end”, and the traditional tragic structure of opera. Taking place at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, which is well known for classical music and opera performances, the show will be an aural and visual feast for both fans and attendees owing to the venue’s 10.2 channel surround sound and 10,000 plus lumen seven piece high resolution projector set.


To add to the excitement of such a grand show, Miku’s official Youtube channel had just released an extended interview with the five very talented staff members, all of whom play important roles in production of “The End”.

(A fair bit of warning though: as the talk goes in depth, the discussion gets a bit metaphysical.)

For those who had not catch it, here’s a preview of what is to come for the show:


For more details and updates about the show, please visit “The End”‘s homepage  or Hatsune Miku’s Youtube channel



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