After a short recruitment period, flumpool will finally be revealing their temporary guitarist on NICONICO live this weekend, May 12, 9:00 PM (JST).

As previously reported, flumpool guitarist Kazuki Sakai has temporarily stopped his visual activities in order to focus on dieting, his last visual activity being the photoshoot for Amuse’s BBQ event. Because of this, flumpool has arranged a search for their temporary guitarist with the following search conditions:

1. Must look like Kazuki Sakai
2. Must look stylish in a jacket
3. Must be used to standing on stage
4. Not any taller than 171 cm.
5. Can be funny
6. Must be from Kansai
7. Can play the guitar at a decent level

Here’s the recruitment announcement video.

The members take a humorous swipe at Sakai, saying that he’s so fat that he cannot fit into the doorway to his home and so fat that he cannot even play the F chord. But on a more serious note, Sakai and the drummer, Seiji Ogura, mentioned on their comments on the band’s official site that their agency had also asked Sakai numerous times to seriously diet and that this time there will be negative repercussions (worst case is that he will be fired) if he is not able to succeed.

While Sakai has already tried to diet time and again, he never seems to get it right and just rebounds. He has tried so many times that when he tells the members that he will diet, they already expect that it will not succeed. So this time, in order to be more focused and determined, he announced his plans and put a pause to his visual activities.

To the fans of flumpool, please watch the reveal with considerate eyes and along with the members, support Kazuki Sakai as he tries to reach his goal of 64 kg. and makes a comeback by the end of June. Hopefully, we will see a new Sakai Kazuki as they hold their 5th anniversary live in Budoukan this October.


flumpool new guitarist presentation/recital: May 12, 9:00 PM (JST), livestream URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv136110669

source: natalie, flumpool Official Website



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