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I believe that there are two types of Full Metal Panic fans: one, those who watched the anime and are following the light novels and manga series; two, those who only followed the anime. Although the latter is still left hanging after The Second Raid, I’m sure both types are still hoping for an anime sequel.

Will the upcoming announcement make these two types rejoice – or just the fans who follow the light novels and manga on top of the anime? That’s what we’ll have to find out in Dragon Magazine’s next issue. This announcement also celebrates the 15th year anniversary of Full Metal Panic.

full metal panic dragon magazine announcement

Teaser message – translated by okaroll:

It is thanks to all the fans that Full Metal Panic is able to run for the past 15 years.  There will be a message written by Shoji Gato. Also, there seems to be something coming up to commemorate this occasion, so please check out the next issue of Dragon for more details.

Now, I’m sure every fan is hoping for the best on this upcoming announcement, but don’t get your hopes up just yet. I mean, we have waited for years but we get no good news about an anime to date.

For those who haven’t seen this action-packed sci-fi anime with a romantic comedy twist, here’s what Full Metal Panic is about: The story follows a soldier named Sousuke Sagara from the private military organization called Mithril. His mission is to protect Kaname Chidori, a seemingly normal high school student who has special abilities which make her the target of terrorist factions.

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