Musician GACKT will be lending his voice to the Japanese version of Silent Hill: Revelations 3D with his song CLAYMORE.

CLAYMORE will be included in his album, BEST OF THE BEST vol. 1. This album will be released on July 3 in all major music stores.

GACKT commented that, he hopes that more people will be able to experience his song and the movie through the Gothic and whimsical feel depicted in this tie-up.

The plot follows the main character, Heather Manson who has lost her memories of when she was a child and gets nightmares every night about monsters chasing her. She then steps on a journey to search for her missing father in a mysterious place called Silent Hill. This would be one horrifying journey beyond imagination.

So, fans of the GACKT and the Silent Hill series, please do check this out.

The Japanese version of this movie will be out in theaters across Japan on July 12 2013.

via Mantan Web


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