According to new screenshots, Gyrozetter Wings of Albatross has revealed a new update to a main character.

Rinne, one of the main characters in Gyrozetter and responsible for piloting the Delphin, is receiving an update for Wings of Albatross. She has stated in the show that her wish is to become an idol, and that dream is coming true in the new game, where she can be seen on stage with another idol.


The reason for her update and idol debut comes as a plot point in the new game. In 2053, Japan experiences a massive earthquake, and to help cheer up Rinne who has recently appeared, Yuki, the protagonist of the game, and his friends decide to help her reach an idol debut. Surprisingly, they’re successful when she is seen performing at Osaka City Dome. She then teams up with the new character Sena and the two together form their own idol group and release a single called “Love Drive.”


Kakeru, the protagonist of the anime who was recently transported to the same dimension the game takes place in during an episode, may question whether she really gained her idol spot through hard work or simply because they are on another world. This could cause conflict, not only because they are friends, but also because she is often seen as a talented figure skater in the show, hinting at her hard work towards her dream.


Gyrozetter Wings of Albatross will be available in retail and through the Nintendo eShop service for the Nintendo 3DS starting June 13, for 5000 yen.

Source: Famitsu


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