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Rumours of a Hatsune Miku X Licca-chan collaborative doll made its way around the Interwebs last week after Japanese online store Shibuya Mokei Hobby Shop listed the product briefly on April 26 before taking it down.

Takara Tomy, the makers of the Licca-chan line of dolls, have yet to make an official announcement on the collaborative doll since it first make news. But with these sort of product listings, usually there’s no smoke without fire.

Today, thanks to another online retailer that has jumped the gun on the product’s official announcement, we now not only know the specifics of the forthcoming doll’s release, we also know roughly how the final product will look like.

Behold! Takara Tomy’s “Licca-chan doll series LD-15 Hatsune Miku Licca-chan” (リカちゃん ドールシリーズ LD-15 初音ミクリカちゃん):

hatsune miku licca-chan

According to Persepe, the doll will be available beginning July 31, 2013, and is priced at 2,940 yen. Do note that the price and date of availability are subject to change. In fact, they already have since Shibuya Mokei Hobby Shop first leaked the news.

Pre-orders for the Hatsune Miku Licca-chan doll will officially commence on May 12.

Would you buy one?

Source: Persepe


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