Inazuma 11’s next season kicks off May 8 and famous calligraphy artist Sisyu is helping to promote it.

Although it started in 2008 as a kid’s show, Inazuma Eleven has since expanded to several seasons and series, and the next installment will be starting May 8th. Titled Inazuma  Eleven Go Galaxy, it will continue where last season ended and will be the third installment of the Inazuma Eleven Go series.


Tenma Matsukaze will also be returning as the main character of the show.  The Second Stage Children victors will also return to the modern era to join the Raimon team, the main team of the show.

With the ban on soccer lifted as well, teams from around the world can enjoy it, suggesting an appearance of more characters from around the world. In fact, Tenma will be spearheading a tour around the world to remind people about the fun in soccer.


Because of the series message, famous calligraphy artist Sisyu will be collaborating by writing the advertisement text on promotional posters. The phrases read “The destination is the world! The rebirth of Inazuma Eleven Go!” (世界のその先へ! 新生イナズマジャパンGO!!).

Source: AnimeAnime 


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