If you’re a figure collector and you like cute, tiny things, then you might want to get these fairy figures from the quirky anime Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita.

The hobby store AmiAmi in now accepting pre-orders for the latest set of JinTai Yousei-san (fairy) figures, which includes these six mischievous, little fairies:

  • Sitting
  • One hand raised A
  • One hand raised B
  • Hanging
  • Lying
  • Nakata-san


They look so simple, yet so cute! With a variety of poses, you’ll also have fun plaeing them in random spots throughout your home.

These 50mm fairies will be released in late August, but you can pre-order them now for 3,580 yen.

Also available for pre-order are these fairies doing — oh my gosh!


It’s the weird dance from JinTai’s opening animation!


That’s right, you can now reenact that catchy, funky dance with these figures. Also thrown in for good measure is a sitting figure of the turquoise fairy from the episode “The Secret Tea Party”.


These fairies will be released at the same time with the same price as the previous group.

But that’s not all! You can also pre-order this figure of the main character, Watashi. Usually, anime figures are 1/7 scale or smaller, but this figure is actual size!


Seriously, it’s actual size. This is the fairy version of Watashi from one of the Blu-ray bonus episodes. At a whopping 100 mm, it’s twice the size of the previous fairy figures. Watashi is dressed in her typical green explorer outfit, but now that she’s adorable and fairy-sized, she has also equipped a helmet and shovel (well, an eggshell and a measuring spoon).


Watashi also comes with a sack of cookies, and her measuring spoon has the number “31” printed on it, which fans of the anime should understand.

The fairy Watashi figure will depart for adventure in early August and can be pre-ordered now for 3,780 yen. With all of these fairy figures, JinTai fans and figure collectors will have many new friends this August.

Source: AmiAmiAmiblog


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