Kotobukiya US will be importing the Jigabachi AV model, which is seen in “Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GiG“.

This new Jigabachi AV (“Digger Wasp” Advanced) prefabricated plastic model kit is a faithful recreation of the assault helicopter, including its deadly Gatling gun pod which can be folded forward as seen in the series. This incredibly detailed kit requires easy snap-fit assembly, and does not need to be painted out of the box, although collectors may choose to customize or detail the standard gray chopper as they see fit.

At 1/72 scale, it is approximately 7 inches (about 18 cm) long, and it comes with a special base (with Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd Gig logo) so that the completed model can be displayed in flight.

While being smittended by the cool-looking Jigabachi, who can forget about the adorable Tachikomas? As a special bonus, each Jigabachi comes with three in-scale blue Tachikomas, so collectors can recreate the action scenes when they face off in the series’ episodes 24 and 25.

Mentioning about the Tachikomas, with the broadcast of the new Ghost in the Shell OVA, “Ghost in the Shell: Arise“, coming very soon in the month of June, fans with a keen eye will remember spotting the red think tank “Logicoma” (short for “Logistics Conveyer Machine”) in the official trailer. One can’t help but wonder: is the Logicoma the first of all the think tanks used by Section 9 before the main Ghost in the Shell timeline? Probably this question will be answered, when the series starts and the history of Section 9 unfolds.

While the price aren’t annouced yet, Kotobukiya Japan will be selling the kit at ¥3,360 (Tax included).  The kit will be available at Kotobukiya US in October 2013.


Source: facebook.com/kotobukiya, crunchyroll.com/anime-newskotobukiya.co.jp


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