The next Blu-ray disc for the school idol anime Love Live! will have a bonus song and a video of their most recent event, both of which you can preview right here.

Volume 4 of Love Live! will be released on June 21. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, the anime revolves around a group of girls who form an idol group named “μ’s” (“muse”)  in order to save their school. The anime aired just earlier this year, but the Love Live! franchise has been releasing CDs and music videos since 2010.

Just like the previous Blu-ray discs, the limited first press release edition will include a CD with a never before released song. This time, the song is Beat in Angel, a synthpop tune performed by the tsundere Maki and tomboy Rin (CV: Pile and Riho Iida)

Also included is part 2 of the event “μ’s New Year Love Live! 2013”, featuring the voice actresses of the members of μ’s.

Luckily, the music publisher Lantis has shared a preview for both Beat in Angel and the event, so you can listen to them both below.

The video of the New Year event continues from part 1, which was included with the second Blu-ray disc, and features these songs. Is your favorite song in there?

  • 11. Blue~Berry♡Train (performed by Kotori Minami)
  • 12. Yuuki no Reason (Umi Sonoda)
  • 13. Junai Lens (Nozomi Toujou)
  • 14. Koi no Signal Rin Rin Rin! (Rin Hoshizora)
  • 15. Someday of my life (Honoka Kousaka)
  • 16. Daring!! (Maki Nishikino)
  • 17. Kodoku na Heaven (Hanayo Koizumi)
  • 18. Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita! (Nico Yazawa)
  • 19. Shiranai Love*Oshiete Love (lily white)
  • 20. A・no・ne・Ga・n・ba・re! (lily white)
  • 21. sweet&sweet holiday (Printemps)
  • 22. Love marginal (Printemps)

In addition, the limited edition of volume 4 will include:

  • An 8-page booklet
  • A deluxe card for the Loveca+ point service
  • A serial code for the mobile game “Love Live! School Idol Festival

Of course, the limited and normal editions will both come in a package with the adorable illustrations of Maki and Rin at the top of this article.

The limited edition of volume 4 will be available for 7,350 yen, while the normal edition will cost 6,300 yen. Those of you who live in Japan can pre-order it until May 15, so don’t miss this chance if you’re a fan.

Source: Love Live! homepage


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