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The second case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, also known as Gyakuten Saiban 5 in Japan, will pit the game’s titular lawyer against his rival in the original series, prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reveals.

In addition, Phoenix’s adopted daughter, Trucy Wright, has also been revealed to be another character returning in this latest instalment.

Not much was actually said about the two characters, other than basic descriptions and profiles for the benefit of readers who haven’t been paying attention to the series. For the most part, Famitsu’s feature on the game this week appears to be a quick screenshot show-and-tell, to reassure fans that even though Gyakuten Saiban 5 or Dual Destinies will use fully 3D polygonal character renders, that in terms of mannerisms these characters still behave much like their 2D counterparts in past games, right down to those signature poses you know and love.

There are, however, a few tidbits. For some reason, Miles Edgeworth has to wear a pair of glasses most of the time now – perhaps his age is getting to him? Oddly enough, however, while on the prosecutor bench, Edgeworth is depicted as not wearing his spectacles. The emphasis here is Famitsu’s, not ours… to me it just seems like Edgeworth’s a pretty vain guy.

She’s slightly older now, so her external appearance is a little more womanly. But deep down inside she’s still really a kid – as a magic performer, one of her props that she always carries around is the “Magic Panties”, according to Famitsu. She’s pretty handy at finding things, so chances are she’ll serve as Apollo’s assistant during the evidence procurement or investigating part of the game.

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