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Ever underwent the “purikura” experience (purikura being a Japanese acronym for “Print Club” photo booth marchines in the arcades)? Isn’t it nice how you can pick cute and beautiful backgrounds and themes for a photo with a friend or your significant other?

Now, if you want to have an action-packed picture where you can fuse fantasy with reality, and pose like Son Goku or Darth Vader, Nagisa Inc.’s “Kame Camera” is a great app to play with.

Kame Camera (which is a word play of Goku’s powerful technique) allows its users to decorate their photos with action manga effect stamps. It’s a free mobile app available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

So what are the results after letting photos have the Kame Camera treatment? Check out these samples:

The app was inspired by the Makankosappo, an internet meme started by high school girls in Japan which eventually became an internet sensation. They shot photos of what seemed like a person launching a special attack and the rest are affected by it. According to Crunchyroll, the developers claim that this app was supervised by the students who started the Makankosappo trend (this is, however, unconfirmed).

Remember the Moji Maker Z which was released as part of the promotions for the Battle of Gods movie? I’m sure your customised DBZ logo would perfectly match the Kame Camera edited photo. Try it out!

The app is available in Japanese and English. The edited photos can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and LINE.

via Crunchyroll


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