Approximately 5000 parents and children who are fans showed up to Momoiro Clover Z’s Boy’s Day event.

As part of the festivities for Boy’s Day in Japan, Momoiro Clover Z held a special event called Momoiro Hero Show, in which they appeared as Momoiro Animal Z. The full title for this years event was “MomoClover’s Kid’s Festival 2013: Protect! Our Battle at the Tobu Zoo! Momoiro Clover Animal Z!” As expected from their title, Momoiro Clover Z appeared in outfits specially designed for the event before changing for a concert.


Before the concert began they put on a show for the kids and parents that showed up, where they transformed into Momoiro Animal Z and beat up the bad guys that are trying to kill off all the cute animals in the zoo. The main antagonist is a cockroach that controls an army called “Black Cockroach,” who attack the headquarters of Momoiro Clover Z in Tokyo-03. By calling on the heroes, the audience is able to summon Momoiro Clover Z to the stage.


Apart from Momoiro Clover Z, other special guests were also present to help with the performance of the songs, all of which were songs the kids would know. The guests included Hiro Michio and Tanizou, who performed Momoiro Clover Z’s Coconuts (ココ☆ナツ) along with five other songs.


Source: AnimeAnime


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