Ecole software (makers of Melty Blood) released information about their 2d fighter Under Night in Birth’s newest version update, Under Night in Birth Exe:Late which is coming out this Summer. In the new update, there will be various balances to the game and most importantly, a new character, Chaos, will be joining the fray as a playable character.

In the previous installation of Under Night in Birth, Chaos was just a shadowy figure with some kind of unknown relationship to the events that occur within the game. With the addition of Chaos to the game roster, various mysteries that were left unsolved in the previous edition will begin to be unraveled.


In the new version the entire game will be rebalanced in an effort to make it more suitable for competitive play. This means that characters will be rebalanced in a way that will make reading each other during a match an even more necessary skill than before.


For those people switching over from Melty Blood or have no experience with fighting games, there’s no need to worry because the game is not too hard to pick up. The battle system is very similar to Melty Blood’s so even less experienced players will be able to have fun playing the game.


The game’s graphics have also been improved and bumped up to HD quality. Additionally, they have been improved to the point that even characters’ facial expressions are displayed during battle. In short, the game has become much more stunning to look at than before.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on any console port but let’s hope that Exe:Late is tiding that it won’t be long until it does come. But for those of you in Japan look forward to the release of Under Night in Birth Exe:Late this summer!


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