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The Nintendo Direct Web broadcast for Japan kicked off with a big announcement right off the bat: Sega’s Ryu ga Gotoku 1&2 HD, released last year for the PlayStation 3, is headed to the Wii U in the Japanese market.

This is the first time a Ryu ga Gotoku game (better known as Yakuza in the West) has been announced for a non-PlayStation platform. Although the games themselves are of a fairly old vintage (they were originally released for the PlayStation 2), today’s announcement begs the question if this is but only the start of a beautiful working relationship between Nintendo and Sega to bring more titles in the Yakuza series to the Wii U.

The game will be released on August 8, 2013.


With just a few more months to go buy Sony’s PlayStation 4 is out, Sega’s Ryu ga Gotoku development team might shelve next-gen development plans in favour of developing future instalments of the series for both the PS3 and the Wii U – typically Sega bangs out a Ryu ga Gotoku title approximately once every year.

ryu ga gotoku wii u 2

Other than Ryu ga Gotoku 1&2 HD coming to the Wii U and the hilarious “Sega Direct” opening gag that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata pulled on viewers, the Nintendo Direct broadcast for the most part contains similar footage and announcements as the English versions of the broadcast. There is a bit where Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi introduces Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 for the 3DS, but no new footage of the game was shown.

The full Nintendo Direct Japan broadcast is 36 minutes long, and can be viewed in full via the video we’ve embedded below:


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