If you’re a One Piece fan and you own a 3DS, you have a new action game and RPG to add to your to-buy list.

The latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump has announced a brand new One Piece game for the 3DS called One Piece Unlimited World Red. As the name implies, it is the next installment in the One Piece Unlimited action game series. Just like Unlimited Adventure and Unlimited Cruise, there will be open world elements in which you can fish, catch bugs, and dig for treasure.

Also, in this game, up to four people will be able to play together. In this page from Shounen Jump, we get a glimpse of Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper — presumably controlled by different players — fighting a giant dragon like the one from Punk Hazard.


In addition to Unlimited World Red, Weekly Shounen Jump also announced a 3DS port of the PSP game One Piece Romance Dawn: Bouken no Yoake. Unlike any previous One Piece game, Romance Dawn is an RPG that features every single arc in the original manga from Luffy’s last meeting with Shanks all the way to the battle at Marineford, the last major arc before the two-year time jump — that’s almost 600 chapters!

The 3DS port will be released on August 8. No further details have been given yet, but it will probably have extra content and enhanced graphics. In case you haven’t tried the original game, here’s a five-minute trailer (there are some spoilers for anyone who hasn’t reached the Marineford arc).

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