To help promote the new manga by GTO artist Tohru Fujisawa, a 3DCG promotional video was recently released.

The video was created in 30 days by the same animation company for Wolf Children Ame and Yuki [Ookami Kodomo to Ame to Yuki], who previously won Japan’s Annual Academy Award in Animation. The entire PV is created in 3DCG, and runs for 1 minute and 40 seconds (see below).

Although the initial concept and story were created by Fujisawa, the character designs and art for it are being put out by Go-On!’s Manabu Akishige. The main plot is that those who have died can be saved and resurrected by Soul Revivers, in this case main characters Jin and Kurara who are both seen in heavy action sequences throughout the PV. The 3 volume bundle set of the manga that the PV is promoting will include added commentary by AKB48 and SNH48 member  Sae Miyazawa.

sourevjin soulrevkurara

Source: Mantan


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