The manga adaptation of Yume Nikki is finally available online for free, and it looks freakishly demented, which is good news for fans of the game.

Yume Nikki is an unusual game. For one thing, it’s not meant to be enjoyable. In fact, it seems like it’s designed to make you feel extremely uncomfortable, yet the game is a cult hit with many fans who find it fascinating.

Yume Nikki was first released as a free doujin game for the PC in 2004. You control a girl named Madotsuki who does nothing but sleep. When you sleep, you enter a dream world full of surreal environments, where you walk around and collect power-ups called “Effects”, most of which are useless. At any time, you can pinch your cheeks to wake up.

Yes, that sounds boring. In case you’re wondering what makes the game so special, here are some pictures:


Stairway handsScreen shot 2013-05-20 at 9.11.59 PM

Hopefully, you don’t have dreams like these! The images and symbolism in Madotsuki’s dreams are so bizarre and disturbing, you have to wonder what kind of psychological trauma she has gone through.


That brings us to the new Yume Nikki manga, written by the Vocaloid composer Machigerita and drawn by Hitoshi Tomizawa. You can read the first chapter right now on the Manga Life Win+ website. Although it’s in Japanese, you don’t need very high reading skills to understand the story.

Tomizawa has done the art justice, as all of the locations look brilliant now that they aren’t 32-bit. His two-page spread of the “Door Room” at the start of the chapter especially blows the game’s depiction out of the water. Just so you can compare for yourself, this is what it looks like in the game:


As for the story, the plot isn’t really elaborate. Madotsuki behaves ilke an ordinary girl, although a bit spacey, as indicated by lines like, “It’s a forest. Forest door. Dark forest. I like forests. But what should I do here? I don’t know. Anyway, I should walk, walk, walk.” This may be okay for newcomers, but if you’re a fan who imagined Madotsuki as an emotionally scarred girl, you might not like this portrayal.

Overall, the first chapter feels kind of like Alice in Wonderland drawn by Salvador Dali. There are several locations from the game, as well as one Effect and the Toriningen (Bird Human), which looks absolutely terrifying.

A new chapter of the Yume Nikki manga will be published on Manga Life Win+ on the 20th of each month, so you better bookmark that site if you like the first chapter.

Yume Nikki fans, do you have your own favorite events, locations, or characters that you want to see?



As part of Project Yume Nikki, the game is also being adapted into a novel and earlier received an image song album performed by the Vocaloid Aoki Lapis. If you’re new to Yume Nikki, you can download the game for free (or search for “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube) today.

Source: Project Yume Nikki


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