If you’re an RDG Red Data Girl who happens to be visiting Tokyo between the dates of May 11 and May 26, make sure to stop by the 7th floor event space in Akihabara Gamers’.

The folks behind the currently on-going anime series as well as its manga counterpart (illustrated by Ranmaru Kotone) are teaming up to put together a Red Data Girl Museum exhibition where you’ll be able to look up numerous pieces of pre-production sketches, recording scripts, and more.

RDG Museum

In conjunction with the RDG Red Data Girl Museum, the Gamers store in Akihabara is also organising an RDG fair where you’ll be able to pick up memorabilia based on the light novel, manga, and anime series.

Customers who spend a minimum of 2,000 yen at the RDG Red Data Girl Museum fair will also be entitled to receive a special character print illustrated by Mel Kishada (RDG’s original character designer) with his signature on it.

RDG Museum Fair

Source: RDG anime, Gamers [via @mellco]


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