With the next Rozen Maiden anime coming this summer, Peach-Pit and Gothic & Lolita Bible are holding an art contest where the winning design will practically come to life.

As fans of Rozen Maiden know, there are seven living dolls created by the legendary doll artisan Rozen, all of whom have fascinating gothic lolita attire. This contest asks you, “What if there was an eighth doll?” Now, fans have the chance to design their own dolls and send them to the fashion publication Gothic & Lolita Bible.

The most brilliant design will be brought to life in an illustration by Peach-Pit, as well as an actual doll in the Pullip fashion doll brand, plus a real outfit created by the goth loli brand Alice and the Pirates.

PullipAlice Pirates

To enter the contest, you just have to draw your doll and write down her name and other details. Here’s a sample picture drawn in marker. You can do better than this, can’t you?


The deadline for the contest is July 8, whereas the winning illustration will be announced on August 24 in volume 49 of Gothic & Lolita Bible and in Weekly Young Jump.

You probably have to live in Japan to win this contest, but even if you don’t, you can still look forward to the winning design. What do you hope it looks like?

If you actually do live in Japan, you can read details on how to enter in this PDF.

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