Japanese Pop-Rock Band SCANDAL, together with actor Tsustsumu Shinichi have been seen distributing fries in Shibuya. This collaboration is to promote Tsustsumu Shinichi’s new movie “Ore wa mada honki dashitenai dake” or “I will give it my all… Tomorrow”. The five of them will be handing out fries, or potatoes as they are called in Japan, at First Kitchen Shibuya Center.


Despite the announcement being told ten minutes prior to the start of the event, an estimate of 1000 people have gathered. According to drummer Suzuki Rina, she was surprised that a thousand people showed up since the announcement was made just ten minutes before the event began.


The Four Member Pop-Rock Group will be doing this to also promote their new song, “Awanai Tsumori no Genki de ne” which will be the theme song for the movie. Each Limited Edition single costs about 1500 Yen and a normal one would cost about 1020 Yen.

The movie, “Ore wa mada honki dashitenai dake” is based on the manga written by Aono Shunjuu and seriealized in Monthly IKKI by Shogakukan. It is about 40-year-old salary man Oguro Shizuo who quits his job to become a manga artist, despite disapproval by his family. This is because he wanted to do something exciting and he feels that his job, even if it’s stable, is boring. Unfortunately, his daughter and his elderly father end up the ones supporting him as he just plays video games all day. The movie stars Tsustsumu Shinichi as Oguro Shizuo.



Source: Mantan Web


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