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What day is it tomorrow? Well, yeah, Tuesday. Sure. But you already knew that.

What other day is it tomorrow?

Ding ding ding! That’s right! It’s 2K Games Day tomorrow, too!

What exactly is 2K Games Day? Starting tomorrow, May 14, every Tuesday for the next four weeks 2K Games is giving gamers in Singapore an avenue to play one of their blockbuster games for free (yep, free play, up to an hour) at St. Games retail outlets in Bugis+ and at The Cathay.

But that’s not all, each Tuesday gamers will also be entitled to purchase the game of the week on 2K Games Day Tuesday at $10 off the listed price – and not just at St. Games, but at all participating retailers.

Here’s the full list of participating retailers in Singapore: Funzcentre, Gamescore, Zepy Games, Game Scenic & Game Martz, Seow Choon, Qisahn, Gaming World, G3, Game Extreme, and Comics Connection.

The catch? The discount on each 2K Games Day Tuesday will apply only to one blockbuster title.

So if you want the award-winning XCOM Enemy Unknown for $10 off, you can’t buy it tomorrow. You gotta wait till June 4. In the meeantime, go play some NBA2K13 instead – that’s the game featured for tomorrow, you gotta play by the rules!

Full line-up of games for each week:
Week 1 (May 14) – NBA2K13
Week 2 (May 21) – WWE13
Week 3 (May 28) – Borderlands 2
Week 4 (June 4) – XCOM Enemy Unknown

Sometime after the four 2K Games Day Tuesdays are done, St. Games will also be organising in June an “Ultimate 2K Gamer Challenge” compeition where participants can stand a chance to win up to $400 worth of prizes.

We don’t quite know the details of the competition yet, but I’m guessing it has something to do with mastering all four 2K Games Day Tuesday games.

If you don’t personally own those games, you might want to put your free play hour at St. Games to good use! Or risk losing the advantage to your rival.

For details on where St. Gamers are located exactly, check out the 2K Games Day poster below:

2K Games Day Poster


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