freedom wars ps vita

The mysterious PS Vita action game that Sony teased last week has been revealed to be Freedom Wars, a “rescue” multiplayer action title slated to be released sometime in 2014.

This announcement comes to us directly from the PlayStation Network – if you have a Japanese PSN account, log on right now on your PS3 and go to the “What’s New” section (or just watch the video we’ve embedded below).

You’ll find over there a brand new trailer for the game, that reveals Freedom Wars’s setting: a futuristic world called Panopticon, set in the year 102013, or some 100,000 years into the future. This time period is known as the PT Era.

(Update: more details on the game’s story, as well as its features (8-player co-op, etc) over here in this newer post.)

In the new trailer, the game flip-flops between the present, AD2013, and contrasts it with the year 102013.

For instance, in 2013 the world’s population is estimated to be at 7 billion, but in the futuristic world, this number is significantly less (no actual figure was given).

Conversely, in London there are 4,200,000 surveillance ameras. But in the year PT Era 102013, this number is blown up to 12,984,450,000 cameras in Panopticon.

What used to be about 6,353,000 criminals in the year 2013 has also been increased to 126,659,683 in the year 102013.

The rate of population growth in 2013 was said to be 1.18%. In the year 102013, this is down to 0.00%.

Males-to-females ratio? In 2013, 49.8:50.2. Oddly enough, in the year 102013, there is a perfect 50.0:50.0 equilibrium.

The trailer moves on to compare the amount of oil stock resources in the present and the futuristic universe (1,333,100,000,000 barrels in 2013 versus 0 in the year 102013), deaths from war (107,800,000 in 2013. 1,240,500,000 in the 1020th PT century), gun possession rates (0.25 in 2013 versus 3.57 in 102013) and average work hours (5.5 versus 18.0), before finally coming to the point it’s trying to make.

In the year PT Era 102013, every single person who has been arrested and accused of a crime has been convicted.

That is, the number of accused walking away in court with a “not guilty” judgement is 0.

So how many convicted prisoners are there in the year 102013? The baby that you previously saw at the end of the teaser trailer, with the number 1,000,000 hovering about his head gives you a hint.

That baby is the 1,000,000th prisoner (since he or she was born while the mother is in prison).

It appears that in Freedom Wars’s dystopian future, prisoners are sentenced to fighting giant monsters. It’s not quite well-explained in the trailer how the monsters are a part of the picture.

And what about the game’s genre? Freedom Wars is said to be a “rescue” nultiplayer action game – but who do you rescue? The prisoners?

I guess we’ll have to wait for Sony to share more information on the game. For now, Freedom Wars is certainly looking like the next big title for the PlayStation Vita.


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