Keiko Suenobu’s ‘Limit’ or also known as ‘The Limit’ gets live action drama!

For those unfamiliar, she is also the mangaka behind award winning manga, ‘Life’, which is also adapted into a live action drama by Fuji Television back in 2007.

Life is a shojo manga published in Bessatsu Friend in November 2009 till October 2011 with a total of 6 volumes.

The story follows main character Mizuki Konno who is just an average high school girl who got into an accident with her classmates on the way to camp. As the school bus met its demise by driving off a cliff, only five girls remain alive. In a bleak situation where there is no sign of a rescue team, the girls fight for survival. Along the way, hidden feelings and grudges resurface…

Actress Nanami Sakuraba will be playing as main character, Mizuki Konno (as shown above). She commented with much enthusiasm that although she feels the pressure from the fans of the original work, she will put in her very best to work with the staff on this drama.

Of course, other than Nanami herself, there are also other actresses starring in this highly anticipated drama. This includes, Tao Tsuchiya (Ouran High School Host Club live action drama, Manyonaka no Pan-ya san), Ayano Kudo (Thriller Restaurant) and Rio Yamashita (Otomen)

The drama will be shown starting from July, every Friday at JST 12AM

Check out photos of the cast below:

Tao Tsuchiya as Kamiya Chieko


Ayano Kudo as Haru Ichinose

limit 3

Rio Yamashita as Arisa Morishige



So, fans of Limit, do check this out!

via Mantan Web and Tokyo TV OHP


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