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Maxis announced today that a new instalment of their best-selling simulation game franchise, The Sims 4, is currently in the works and scheduled for release on the PC and Mac platforms sometime in 2014.

Other than platforms and the vague release date, Maxis has not revealed any other details on the new title.

However, according to a post on their official blog, more information on the game will be released later today:

The Sims franchise is fueled by the passion and creativity of its millions of fans around the world. Their continued devotion to the franchise ignites the fire of creativity of the team at The Sims Studio, driving them to continually improve and innovate on one of the world’s most successful simulation game that has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.

More information will be revealed later today here on The Beat, so stay tuned.”

The Sims 4’s official announcement comes several days after The Sims Russia teased an announcement for this week, and after Netizens discovered that a “” domain that EA had previously registered (way back in 2003, might I add) had been updated in April 2013 – a full year before it was due to expire in April 2014. In addition, the site had apparently went live, re-directing users’ Web browsers to EA’s official website for The Sims series when the URL was entered.


Source: Maxis blog [via ShackNews]


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